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In memory of Bert Haneveld (d. September 18, 2008)

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A Soldier's Story
Video Interviews with D-Day War Vets
  | A Soldier's Story D-Day Card Set (Promotional Video)
  | Arthur Pineau, Private, North Nova Scotia Highlanders
  | Donald Andrews, Lance Corporal, South Staffordshire, British Army
  | Donald Thompson, Colonel, The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.)
  | John Farquharson, Able Seaman, Navy
  | Lloyd Wilson, Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
  | Malcolm Nicholson, Signalman, Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
  | Robert McGraw, Private, Royal Canadian Engineers
  | Oliver Cole, Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
  | Elmer Phillips, Able Body Seaman, Navy

Ortona (Italian Campaign)

  | Ned Desroche, Private, West Nova Scotia Regiment
  | Fred Gallant, Private, West Nova Scotia Regiment
  | Joseph Armand Gallant, Private, Royal Canadian Army Service Corp

Canadian Special Service Force

  | Lawrence Durant, Infantry Rifleman, Devil's Brigade


  | Bert Haneveld, Netherlands Campaign

German Forces

  | Fritz Dyck, German Airforce